<span style="font-weight: bold">Alexander Calicchia</span><br />
Vice President; Strategy &amp;

Founded in 2002, MCV Consulting is a strategy and organizational development consultancy. Our business is making organizations and families more successful in an environment of accelerated uncertainty, complexity and change. We serve an international client base in the design and facilitation of:

  • Strategy formation and execution;
  • Scenario planning;
  • Multi-stakeholder engagement initiatives;
  • Family legacy and leadership planning.

MCV’s approach taps the client’s deepest collective wisdom about what path to take forward, enabling them to articulate an aspirational, unifying direction with clear, actionable and dynamic plans.  

Our process begins with a thorough understanding of the client system, which allows us to identify sources of common purpose, values and goals, as well as structural roadblocks to success. We then assist the client in assessing key driving forces and potential developments in the external environment that must be planned for regardless of the course they take. Very importantly, we help our clients surface the elusive “unknown unknowns” that often prove the downfall of so many well conceived plans.

Our methodologies are grounded in the principles and practices of organizational learning, systems thinking and generative dialogue. We believe in the balance between action and reflection and in accessing multiple forms of intelligence to create sustainable solutions not easily seen.

Finally, we are students, lovers and practitioners of the creative process. We view every strategic engagement as a creative process in which we are privileged to partner with our client in generating the outcomes they most desire.




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